Topic outline

  • Wendy Shepherd, St. Winifred’s School, Barbados

  • [1]

    Divide 40 markers between Annie and Sam so that Sam gets 10 more than Annie.

  • [2]

    Share $250 between John and Dick with John getting $50 more than Dick.

  • [3]

    Fido leaps 4 feet further than Gino.  If together they leap 20 feet, how far does Fido leap?

  • [4]

    Share $100 between A and B giving A $10 more than B.

  • [5]

    Tom has to divide his time between his favourite sports, tennis and football.  He spends 1/2 hour more playing foorball out of his 2 hours.  How much time does he spend on each sport?

  • [6]

    The total length of 2 pieces of rope is 108 cm.  If one piece is 18 cm shorter, what is the length of the longer piece?

  • [7]

    The total cost of a snack box and a chicken sandwich is $25.50.  If the snack box costs $5 more than the sandwich, how much does the sandwich cost?

  • [8]

    The journey to and from Bridgetown takes 76 minutes.  If the journey home from Bridgetown takes 10 minutes less, calculate the journey to Bridgetown.

  • [9]

    If the sum of two numbers is 96 and their difference is 12, what are the numbers?

  • [10]

    Three containers A, B and C weigh a total of 350 kg.  Container A weighs 30 kg more than B and container C weighs 20 kg more than A.  Calculate the weight of container B.

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