Topic outline

  • Osmond Hoyte, Sharon Primary School, Barbados

  • [1]

    Convert 2.351 m to cm.

  • [2]

    Convert 3476 mm to meters.

  • [3]

    Find the perimeter of the rectangle TSVR which has a length of 8 cm and a width of 4 cm.

  • [4]

    Mr. Brown had a piece of land 40 m long by 20 m wide.  How much wire would he need to fence it?

  • [5]

    The perimeter of a piece of land is 80 m.  The width is 15 m.  What is the length?

  • [6]

    Find the area of this triangle.

  • [7]

    Find the area of the shaded portion of the diagram.

  • [8]

    Container A contains 8 litres of juice. Container B contains 4 litres of juice.  How much juice must be poured from container A to B to make both of them equal?

  • [9]

    Susan’s cup holds 250ml. She wants to full a container which holds 3L. How many times must she fill her cup to fill the container?

  • [10]

    A truck with a load of canes weighs 7 tonnes, 240kg.  The weight of the canes is three times the weight of the truck.  What is the weight of the canes?

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