Topic outline

  • Electronics

    The videos below demonstrate some of the fun that awaits you at UWI in Electronics.  These projects were done as part of the Circuit Simulation course ELET2110.

    Multisim Simulatons : Janak Sodha

    Hardware Development : Stephen Mendes

  • Paper Clip LED

    With a touch of your finger, light an LED

  • NPN Transistor Amplifier

    Illustration of how a amplifier designed in Multisim (simulation software) performs in hardware.

  • Transistor Fan Switch

    How to use a transistor with a relay to switch on a household a.c. 120 V, 50Hz fan.

  • Oscillator

    Generate a sine wave !

  • Hand Clap Bulb Switch

    As if my magic, with the clap of your hands, a household 120 V, 50Hz bulb is switched on and off.

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