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  • Peter Farnum, St. People’s Cathedral School, Barbados

  • [1]

    John wants to buy nine oranges. How much money does he need if one orange costs $0.75?

  • [2]

    If I paid $15 for 30 eggs, how much would I pay for 9 eggs?

  • [3]

    If 1 dozen magoes costs $18.00, how much would 16 mangoes cost?

  • [4]

    If I bought 20 fish cakes for $18, how many fish cakes could I buy with $45?

  • [5]

    A movie theatre seats patrons in rows of thirty seats each.  How many people can be seated in eight and a half rows?

  • [6]

    A school hall seats a total of 900 students in 25 rows of chairs.  How many students can be seated in 12 rows?

  • [7]

    1250 people are attending the Family Fun Day Picnic.  If each bus holds 30 people, how many buses must be chartered for event?

  • [8]

    If one third of a number equals 15, what is the number?

  • [9]

    If two-fifths of a number equals 20, what would be three-fifths of the same number?

  • [10]

    60 is 5/6 of a number. What is the number?

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