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    "The floods stretched as far as the eye could see and the water was still rising.The headmaster was confident that the school had solid foundations and that there was no fear of the flood destroying the building.However,as he looked out at the old stone warehouse opposite and saw the water up to the second floor window, he knew time was running out."

    What made the headmaster so sure that the building would not collapse?

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    “As I sat waiting for my sister to arrive I was struck by the beauty of my surroundings. It was an oasis in the middle of a busy business district. Orange,red and yellow hibiscus flowers accentuated the various mahogany trees in the shady car park. The shrill sharp melody of blackbirds assaulted my ears.Their call was strident when compared to the excited murmuring of the many mahogany trees lining the cap park. Like plumed ostriches,the palm trees flounced their ruffled leaves majestically.Nearby, the national flag flapped frantically in the wind. In the midst of it all was Baobab Towers,nine floors high,it's windows shuttered in green to keep out the blinding sunlight and the scorching heat of the day.A grey garbed security guard meandered through the car park.”

    Was he really providing security or enjoying the brilliant blusteriness of the day?

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    Identify an example of metaphor and comment on its effect.

  • [4]

    To what senses does the writer primarily appeal in the passage?

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