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  • The Power of Poetry

    Sticks and Stones
    by Ashley Brathwaite

    I see her in class, she avoids me
    An old repetitive game of hide and seek
    Only it’s played over, a movie, déjà vu
    The sad life of my old man and I in view

    He hits me at home so I hit the dumb heifa
    “Ya neva gine be important, neva!”
    I echo his words to her at school ‘cause of the pain
    I rerun my father’s acts that are so inhumane

    I fear home while she fears school
    Taunting her with my father’s phrase “igrant fool”
    The heavy toxin makes him cruel and mad
    So I want to be feared, like I am, of my dad

     Woe to the man who uttered “sticks and stones”
    My words hurt her like his whip on my bones
    Preying like a wolf on a vulnerable sheep
    Scarring and cutting her so brutal and deep

    I learn on Sundays fear no man but Him
    But still I fear him when he bruises my skin
    He shouts “Spare de rod, spoil de chile”
    It’s how he reasons his behavior should be wild

    School is my haven while my victim dreads it
    It’s a never ending cycle, a tit for tat, tat for tit
    So when I go home & hear “I gine give you a slap”
    I will go school tomorrow and tease that girl who is fat

  • [1]

    What is the situation in the poem?

    The situation in any poem is the context of the poem OR what the poem is reallabout. To get a  better understanding what a poem is about, you may have to read it about 2-3 times.  In my introduction, we said this poem is dealing with bullying but what is really happening in the poem?

  • [2]

    In what state of mind is the father in the poem? Give evidence to support your answer?
  • [3]

    Identify TWO phrases/expressions which identify the attitude of the persona towards his/her victim.

  • [4]

    How effective is the poet’s use of dialect?

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