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    (a) Determine or identify the subject and the verb in the following sentences.

    (i) The monkey climbs the golden apple tree

    (ii) Many monkeys play in the golden apple tree


    (b) Correct the sentence "The monkeys bites the fruit".

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    Choose the correct verb in the following sentence.

    Sheena and Joy-Ann (take/takes) the ZR van to the Garrison Savannah on Saturday afternoons.


    Multiple Choice

    (i) Tamiesha and Claire sings to the children of the Nightingale Children’s Home at Christmas time.

    A  sings

    B  of

    C  Children's

    D  No error


    (ii) Whenever there is a storm, Mr. Brown's cows and goat seeks refuge in the cellar of his house.

    A  there

    B  seeks

    C  cellar's

    D  No error

  • [3]

    Choose the correct verb in the following sentences.

    (i) Not only Kemar but also Shawn and Alex (want/wants) to attend the school fair.

    (ii) Not only Shane but also Chris (play/plays) on the National Hockey Team.


    Multiple Choice

    Not only the students but also the teacher were excited to be competing in the prestigious dance festival hosted by the National Cultural Foundation.

    A  were

    B  competing

    C  prestigious

    D  No Error 

  • [4]

    Choose the correct verb in the following sentences.

    (i) Neither Janice nor Carl (likes/like) going to classes in the vacation.

    (ii) Either the priests or the choir directors (takes/take) charge of planning the conference every year.

    (iii) Neither the harbor master nor the fishermen (is/are) familiar with the sea weed.


    Multiple Choice

    Neither the constituents nor the politician comment to the press on the issue of safety in the community.

    A  Neither

    B  comment

    C  issue

    D  No Error

  • [5]

    Is the verb singular or plural in the following sentence.

    The Prime Minister, along with the Permanent Secretary, is expected shortly.


    Multiple Choice

    (i) The house master, as well as the students, were disappointed when it was announced that Inter-School Sports was cancelled.

    A  were

    B  was

    C  cancelled

    D  No Error


    (ii) The Principal, not the janitors, collect the monetary contributions of all the students.

    A  Principal

    B  collect

    C  monetary

    D No Error


    (c) Choose the correct verb in the following sentences.

    The bag of apples (was/were) stolen.


    Multiple Choice

    After the burglar committed his act of theft, jars of cream was not found.

    A  burglar

    B  theft

    C  was

    D  No Error

  • [6]

    Identify the subject and verb in the following sentence.

    Each of these mangoes is juicy.


    Multiple Choice

    (i) Neither of the two traffic lights on Broad Street work at night.

    A  traffic

    B  on

    C  work

    D  No Error


    (ii) Everybody know that Christmas is the busiest time of the year.

    A  know

    B  is

    C  busiest

    D  No Error

  • [7]

    Identify the subject and verb in the following sentences.

    (i) These scissors are quite sharp.

    (ii) A pair of scissors is lying on the table.


    Multiple Choice

    Mathew's school trousers is made of wool instead of cotton.

    A  trousers

    B  is

    C  instead

    D  No Error

  • [8]

    Choose the correct verb in the following sentences.

    (i) Fifteen dollars (is/are) sufficient money to take to school to purchase lunch.

    (ii) Two-thirds (2/3) of the students usually (take/takes) the bus home.


    Multiple Choice

    One hundred (100) meters are the distance of the shortest race run at school sports every year.

    A  are

    B  run

    C  every

    D  No Error

  • [9]

    Identify the verb in the following sentences.

    (i) There is no money is the treasury.

    (ii) There are many options available to students these days.


    Multiple Choice

    There was no way of determining the exact number of people attending the school fair.

    A  was

    B  exact

    C  attending

    D  No Error

  • [10]

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